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Auroras of the Zapatistas

This issue of Midnight Notes does some of the work of defining the elements of the new political chemistry of the planetary working class... What the Zapatista movement means for the U.S. anti-globalization movement is still an open question more than six years since the dawning.

Conversations with Durito
Poetic, humorous, and imaginative, these fables provide an excellent introduction to the politics of globalization from the radical perspective of indigenous struggle.
Hysterectomy, Capitalist Patriarchy, and the Medical Abuse of Women

This is a collection of writings on the history and contemporary practice of hysterectomy, one of the most common medical procedures done on women (12 every ten minutes in the u.s.).
Combining theory and practical information as well as period sketches of the changes in gynecological technique, it was edited by Mariarosa Dalla Costa (an Italian autonomist Marxist and feminist writer who famously argues that women's unwaged labor is, rather than male oppression of women, an essential part of capitalist reproduction).

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Imaginal Machines
Autonomy & Self-organization in the Revolutions of Everyday Life

What exactly is radical imagination? Drawing from autonomist politics, class composition analysis, and avant-garde arts, Imaginal Machines explores the emergence, functioning, and constant breakdown of the embodied forms of radical imagination."

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Midnight Oil
Work, Energy, War

A political journey through two decades of social struggles, ranging from the Middle East and Africa to Appalachia, tracing the unifying themes of work, energy, oil, and war. It suggests new boundaries, hidden political commonalities, and possible strategies for confronting the New World Order. A prescient contribution to the criticism of Eternal War for Oil.

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