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Black and Green Review #1 (2015)

Wild Existence, Passionate Resistance

For Wildness and Anarchy
The collected works of Kevin Tucker, polemicist, ardent green anarchist, and publisher of Species Traitor journal.
Through joy and sorrow, the question is asked: what would you do? Powerful, moving, and compelling, this novella covers it all.
Foreword by Kevin Tucker.
80 pages, printed on recycled paper.
Origins: a John Zerzan Reader

The new collection of Zerzan's writings on origins, of language, time, numbers, gender, agriculture.
This reader brings together the best, most original thinking (no pun intended) of Zerzan's many years of writing.

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Peregrine/Auryn Green Scare Benefit Split
A benefit CD bringing you long time Primitivist Metal band, Peregrine and hardcore/metalcore band Auryn. You many know Peregrine a Black and Green metal band from the Allegheny-Monogahela bioregion of Pennsylvania. Fronted by author Kevin Tucker (Species Traitor) this is their second offering the first being The Agrarian Curse.
Peregrine: The Agrarian Curse
Want hard metal with aggressively anti-civ lyrics?

Have we got the cd for you. The no-longer-extant band Peregrine, featuring Kevin Tucker, of Species Traitor fame, belts it out with all the fury that civilization deserves.

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