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Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies #1 [5 pack]
Get a discount (pay only $8 per copy) of this journal, when you buy in increments of five. Anarchist Developments in Cultural...
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Anarchy Works [5 pack]

The discount process (for the titles that we can provide a bulk discount for) is simple. For five copies or more, we cut fifty percent off the cover price and add shipping. Software requirements mean that we can only offer these in multiples of five.

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Enemies of Society [5 pack]

This is for 5 copies!

This book tells the story of the most neglected tendency in anarchist thought; egoism. The story of anarchism is usually told as a story of great bearded men who had beautiful ideas and a series of beautiful failures, culminating in the most beautiful failure of them all in the Spanish Civil War. A noble history of failed ideas and practice.

Egoism, and individualist anarchism, suffers a different kind of fate. It is not a great history and glorious failure but an obscure series of stories of winning. Victory defined by the only terms that matter, those who lived life to their fullest and whose struggle against the existing order defined them. This struggle was not one of abstractions, of Big Ideas, but of people attempting to claim an authentic stake in their own life.

Nihilist Communism [5 pack]

A pack of five copies of Nihilist Communism.

Originally self-published in 2003, now edited and designed by Ardent Press, still one of the most hard-nosed books to call the left to account -- with scathing, thoughtful rebuttals to those who continue to believe that the revolution is just a matter of consciousness-raising and recruitment, or that identity politics has anything to do with Marxist thought. Many will reject the materialism inherent in this analysis, but we appreciate the logical consistency (and the occasional brilliance of writing) of Monsieur Dupont; so refreshing in a world in which people withdraw to muddle-headedness in incoherent attempts to fit all topics into some kind of grab bag, attempts seemingly designed to avoid offense rather than to follow ideas through to their logical (or even illogical) conclusions.

species being and other stories [5 pack]
Five copies of species being for a reduced price.

In this small and rich text, one of the authors of Nihilist Communism introduces an anti-political perspective in the form of letters, essays, and dialogs.
Willful Disobedience [5 pack]

The collected writings of Wolfi Landstreicher's Willful Disobedience.

Originally published as a zine from 1996 to 2006, Willful Disobedience was a continuously evolving provocation directed towards anarchists and fellow vagabonds to dig deeper into critical thought and joyous rebellion.

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