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It is necessary to understand that we cannot wait for others—not even for other comrades—to give us the sign to act, the final indication. This must come from us. Each one of us, taken individually, must find his or her own comrades and constitute small affinity groups which are the essential element for giving life to the organisation of attack that we need. Actions will come easily, as a natural consequence of the decision to act together against the common enemy. Grand words, declarations to go down in history, the great organisations of the glorious past and vast programmes for the future are all useless if the will of the individual comrade is lacking.And in this perspective Sabaté was never alone. His struggle is still continuing today.

This book tells of the life, the action and the death of an anarchist guerilla. Many things have happened since it was first published at the end of the sixties, and experience of armed struggle in Europe is no longer limited to that of the comrades who carried on the struggle against Francoist Spain. But that does not in the least detract from the theoretical and practical importance of Sabaté's actions, and the value of this book in particular.

Table of Contents



I Sabate

II The Civil War

III The Second World War

IV Hopes

V Confusion

VI Action

VII Problems in France

VIII Terror in Barcelona

IX Extermination

X Complications

XI Despair

XII Death