What's New with LBC - Spring 2016

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Spring is looking great at the Little Black Cart with a lot of exciting activity around this quarter's titles. Five new titles! We are about to head out for our casual LBC tour. We have a new PDF catalog available. We are looking for an Intern for this summer. We still welcome new Accomplices!

New Titles

Anarchist Ephemera - by Peter Lamborn Wilson

Ardent Press

When Peter Lamborn Wilson sent us the pile of paper that eventually became this book (and the Spiritual series) we could not have been more delighted. Peter has been a writing machine for decades and it would be easy to miss out on the kind of writing that he does best. Punchy, idiosyncratic manifestos (of a sort). This collection of Peter's Anarchist Ephemera is filled with heart and astute observations.

All plans for "saving the world" ultimately rest on the assumption that humanity must undergo a change of heart. The paradox here is that if this change were to occur, no plans would be needed to bring about a "different world." The change of heart, the different consciousness, would be in itself the very shift in direction, the Reversion to human and spiritual values required for "salvation." Smash the machinic mind and there'd be no need to smash the actual machines.

For more information - Anarchist Ephemera

Blessed is the Flame - by Serafinski

Pistols Drawn

This book, with a name from a poem by a partisan fighter, takes two things that would not necessarily seem to go together, but that, on second thought, are made for each other.

An introduction to anarcho-nihilism becomes tales of resistance in the Nazi concentration camps, almost all of which failed (in the sense that the resisters died), and for which there was never much hope that they could do anything but fail, which are then analyzed in light of anarcho-nihilism.

This book is an excellent example of taking anarcho-nihilism seriously, as a call to action that has nothing to do with the expectation that we will succeed at making the world better.

For those who are confused about anarcho-nihilism, and also for those who use the word nihilism as a trendy way to talk about the same actions that leftists have been doing for decades, this text will be an especially helpful road sign.

What does it take to resist in absolutely futile and overwhelming situations? Inside of the Nazi concentration camps, places designed to eradicate all possibilities for resistance, inmates organized, sabotaged, and reflexively fought back against their oppressors. Within each of these stories we can find a simmering spirit of anarcho-nihilism, a tendency that challenges us to translate our feelngs of hopelessness into wild and joyous forms of attack. Because even if we don't stand a chance, we refuse to be led to the slaughter like sheep.

For more information - Blessed is the Flame

To the Customers - anon

Pistols Drawn

A scathing, witty, well-written, and partisan response by anonymous European insurrectionists, to the Tiqqun text To Our Friends specifically and also to the Invisible Committee and Tiqqun in general. While some of the critique is distinctly European, by and to people who have interacted on the streets and in each others' lives, the criticism is also aimed at and quite meaningful to those in the US who attempt to follow the model of the French folks in Tarnac.

It's not hard to grasp that for common mortals intent on making themselves pass for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, there is only one sure method for making their words infallible: saying everything and its contrary. Flip through the pages of the Invisible Committee and you remain certain that every one of its statements, peremptory as befits a piece of evidence, will know a few pages later an equally peremptory denial. In this way, what it maintains will always be true and those who criticize it will support, by force of circumstance, the false.

For more information - To the Customers

New Journals - Hostis 2 and Insurgencies 2

Insurgencies 2

The second Insurgencies journal starts off with a bang, naming much of our activity (and moralizing) as militant activism. It does this in the context of Letter to the Anarchist Galaxy, a provocation that we can all reflect on. Insurgency 2 asks for the construction of new projects outside of old frameworks and logics. It offers little in the way of answers and instead attempts to ask better questions.

It continues from the previous issue with engaging questions of strategy ("No Time Like the Present" by William Haver), the ennuii of the current anarchist milieu ("On Existential Crisis, The Collapse of Doctrine and the Embracing of Impasses"), games ("Games we Play: Strategy, Rule-Sets, Ideology"), a strategy document of the anti-police movement ("Activism, Civil War, & Insurrection"), and counterinsurgency ("The Paradoxes of Counterinsurgency and the Rise of the Armed Inclusion").

This is a fantastic sophomore effort from the Insurgencies group. It defies the expectations of the first issue and will have me pondering its questions for some time. Public discussion of some of their questions would be a great addition. For more information - Insurgencies 2

Hostis 2

Herein lay a series of engagements and debates that are perfect for the journal format. Where lay the dangers of visibilty? What is the terrain by which cruelty (towards comrades and enemies) makes sense? How does vengeance inform a discussion about how to end patriarchy? What are the limits of war discourse?

Anyway, this fantastic issue contains some material that has sprung up online first. Beyond Recognition features

Five Theses on the Politics of Cruelty

A Letter to the Editor – Mary Nardini Gang

A Cautious Reply

La guerre veritable / The Real War - Anonymous

Contre l'état d'urgence, l'urgence de prendre la rue - Anonymous

Notes on People Who Have Been Surveilled by the Police or the State Asked to Take A Picture That Reveals Nothing About Them - Gabriel Saloman

The Tyranny of Imagery: Or, How to Escape the Zoopraxiscope - Anonymous

No Selves to Abolish: Afro-Pessimism, Anti-Politics, and The End of the World - K. Aarons

Peak Panik - Helge Peters and Johannes Büttner

This will be the talk of the Summer '16.

For more information - Hostis 2

Recent LBC Titles

  1. Everything Must Go - Bruno Astarian & Gilles Duave argue for an anti-work communization and for new thinking about insurrection
  2. Worker's Book of 50 Sectarian Crossword Puzzles - A crossword book containing content spanning the anarchist galaxy
  3. Is Space the Place? Yes/No - A book that asks and answers the question of man & space travel
  4. Tiqqun and the Matter of Bloom in Contemporary Political Philosophy - A secondary book about Tiqqun and their ideas
  5. Art as Resistance - A pretty book about the Autonomen and their artistic expression.
  6. Black Eye - A book about the Lower East Side of NYC in the 80s, it's decay, and what some friends tried to do about it.

LBC Spring/Summer Tour

We are heading out in a few weeks for a casual LBC tour. We'll be talking about anarchist decision making, a new LBC newspaper, and anarchist nihilism. We'll mostly be following the US/Canadian border and be in Vicotria, Vancouver, Minneapolis, Michigan, Ohio, Quebec, New York, Chicago, and back along the I-80. If you want us to schedule a stop in your neighborhood drop us a line. We'll advertise the full list as it's updated at our Little Black Cart News site.

Become an Intern

We want to start this section by thanking our out-going intern, Bellamy (and N), who has been stalwart and fun and persnickety in all the right ways during their internship with us. We appreciate the work, humor, and the thoughtfulness. Which brings us to...

We have a living space to offer someone who wants to intern with us and work on exciting anarchist projects for three months starting in June or July 2016. Contact us at our primary email for more information and logistics.

Our new catalog

This year we have decided to eschew a paper catalog. All of our original titles, imprints, cover art, and descriptions are now available in a nice and shiny PDF. Enjoy!

Become an Accomplice

This is the last year of our accomplice program! Don't miss a title. Do you like what we are trying to do with Little Black Cart? If you like a vibrant and engaged anarchist press, please consider helping us by becoming an LBC Accomplice!

For $20 / month (domestic, $40 international) you get every new title we publish (over 50 since 2012), 20% off of every Little Black Cart distribution item, and we start you out with a free book or t-shirt of your choosing.

Here is how to learn more about becoming an LBC Accomplice

The rest

Want to help?

Are you in the Bay Area and would you like to help make LBC projects happen? Drop us a line.

Are you a writer?

Send manuscript proposals to us at info@lbc

Social Networking

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