Democracy: Creative Stupidity

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From Enemy Combatant Publications, this is a short essay by Benjamin de Casseres, a north american journalist and individualist, This essay assails the stupidity of the masses from an unexpected direction: stupidity as a survival skill.

Nature in her mysterious design of prolific perpetuation uses the average and the sub-average to carry on her work. She drugs, stupefies, and blunts the mass-brain with common-sense, which is the glorified name of mass-stupidity.

Human stupidity seems as necessary as the law of gravitation or any of the other hard-and-fast mechanistic laws that rule us.

Stupidity is slothfully dynamic, creative, and produces a vast and ever-varying spectacle for the eye and brain of Intelligence, for the few beings scattered over the Earth who have uncommon-sense, penetration, comprehension, and super-vision.