very bad nihilist

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From the back:

I want to avoid diminishing my nihilism to "just" depression and I also want to avoid romanticizing my mental illness as a source of special knowledge, and I'm worried that I'm slipping toward both those interpretations with my avowal of nihilism. So let me put it this way: One reason I'm a nihilist is because of my experience of pain, and while pain is universal, it is a deeply personal, particular experience.

A graphic and clear exploration of the multiple horns of dilemma that we are all strung up between, this is an excellent example of that rare beast, the political perzine, one that is asking hard questions with personal rawness. Some of the influences cited: Work, by crimethInc, Crime Thought, by Alden Wood,Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue, by Leslie Feinberg, Baedan, by anonymouses, The Naked Civil Servant, by Quentin Crisp, and "Un-Doing Sex: Against Sexual Optimism."