Black Seed #4 bundle

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The content of this paper gets better and better. This edition of the hottest new voice in green anarchy has three pieces by indigenous people, two of them anarchists: "Nihilist Animism" by Aragorn! and "There's No Place to Go"--an interview by Aragorn! of Dominique. (The third piece is a reprint of an essay by Gerald Vizenor, someone who deserves more attention from us.) Also John Clark's thoughts on the 10-year anniversary of Katrina's impact on New Orleans (and on the official tactics of revision); an interview with the group Knowing the Land is Resistance; a confrontation/conversation between two people disagreeing about strategy and goals for Earth First! and similar groups; a cogent analysis and critique of green platonism in general and Kevin Tucker as an example in particular; the regular columns "It's All falling Apart:dispatches from the end times" and "Wild Interventions;" "An Introduction to the Anthropocene"; prisoner updates, and reviews of the new Dixie Be Damned, on insurrectionary activity in the southern US, of Black and Green Review 1 (number 2 is out now also), and of Post Scarcity Anarchism, issues 1 and 2.

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