Black Seed #3

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Black Seed 3 discusses the importance of one own's spirituality, what a relationship to a landbase can look like, an interview by Aragorn! of Corrina Gould, especially on occupations, a piece on how "being able to sleep functions as a sympton of a greater problem," an introduction/review of M. Kat Anderson's Tending the Wild, etc.


Black Seed is an anarchist paper in the tradition of Green Anarchy magazine (RIP) that presents through essays, images, stories, and poetry, green anarchist perspectives, a 32 page biannual newspaper.

Black Seed is also collectively-produced, and print-only, concerning itself with the larger questions of what green anarchy means as an idea, a conversation, and a lived reality. We're not interested in presenting a green anarchist ideology, but rather in creating a space to ask larger questions. This issue will expand the conversations begun in our first issue, while moving into new territory.

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