"life and times of Anarchy Magazine, part 1" by Jason McQuinn, feminism and anarchism by Dot Matrix, review of Debord's Panegyric by Aragorn!, etc.

This is the first issue produced by the crew in the California bay area. It reflects their inexperience with layout and design, as well as their enthusiasm and fresh blood.

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This issue of Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies considers the anarchist milieu in the ten years since the attacks of September 11th, 2001 (hereafter "9/11"). A host of obvious questions accompany an attempt to encapsulate an event such as 9/11 and the ten years that followed, foremost among them: Why situate 9/11 as a date of exceptional importance? Does a reflection of this kind merely contribute to, for example, neoconservative attempts to enshrine 9/11 as a propagandistic tool? Memorialization often carries reactionary politics, whether intentional or not.

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Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies (ADCS) is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal devoted to the study of new and emerging...

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Welcome to 325, an anarchist project of counter-information and armed critique. It’s been quite some time since our last issue in November 2012, which had a focus on new technologies of control and the globalising post-industrial prisonworld. In this issue we continue that coverage through a selected few different articles about the realities of the new century and the Technological Singularity to come.

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