Enemy Combatant

Enemy Combatant: unconventional explorations into anti-authoritarian thought and existence, bringing to light forgotten and unknown outliers from history, anti-civilization theory, anarchism, individualism, and egoism, like Tsuji Jun, Eliphalet Kimball, and Arnulf Overland. This project promotes active creation of our realities, through humor, anti-political thought and actions, and relearning/remembering the lessons of people who live now and who have gone before us.

We feel that revolt today means insisting on enjoying life, so here is no belly-aching or belittling moral condemnation.As far as we're concerned the only organizing to do is a refining of our revolts to maximize the time, space, and pleasure we have left here together.

While once created on our risograph, production now happens through Little Black Cart, so our supply is a bit more consistent, among other changes.


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