A pamphlet of reprints of, and responses to, nihilist communist writings.

Minimum quantity for "Nihilist Communism: Cruelty... & Some Thoughts for Msr Dupont" is 1.

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D.S. & Msr Dupont

A dialogue with Dupont with a glittery cover

Minimum quantity for "Redundancy & Communication" is 1.

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Eggplant, Absolute Zippo

This book collects every issue of the punk zine Absolute Zippo that was published between 1988 and 1998. Four hundred pages of line drawings, reports on punk shows, and the great writing of Eggplant, an OG punk, still pissed off after all these years.

Minimum quantity for "Absolutely Zippo: collected" is 1.

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In this small and rich text, one of the authors of Nihilist Communism introduces an anti-political perspective in the form of letters, essays, and dialogs.

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Minimum quantity for "species being and other stories" is 1.