A thinly-disguised autobiographical journey of transformation from revolutionary self-martyrdom to radical self-ownership. Mackay's authentic Kulturgemalde begins in Victorian London, its five million people struggling with poverty, class conflict, police brutality, and seething with proletarian discontent over the impending execution of the Haymarket Anarchists in Chicago.

Onto the scene come Carrard Auban -- a French revolutionary firebrand turned anarcho-individualist -- and Otto Trupp, Auban's comrade-in-arms. With Trupp, Auban debates the merits of anarcho-communism, and takes the reader on radical walking tours of London.

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An anarchist classic. In these essays, Macdonald turns his back on every doctrine that treats humans as objects, whether implicitly or explicitly.

Eloquently expresses the unwavering political philosophy that the only worthwhile government is one devoted to the good not of the state, but of the individual. We must emphasize the emotions, the imagination, the moral feelings, the primacy of the individual human being once more, must restore the balance that has been broken by the hypertrophy of science in the last two centuries.

The root is man, here and not there, now and not then.--from The Root is Man

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