What's new with LBC - Summer 2018

by John Doe

Welcome to the quarterly newsletter of Little Black Cart. We distribute anarchist anti-political books, pamphlets, and newspapers. This quarter we have a few new small books (including a classic reprint) and a large memorial collection from our friend and comrade Paul Z Simons.

We also are growing our selection of ephemera with a new T-Shirt, a new Black Seed, and some shifting plans about how we do what we do. We want to inflict anarchy upon the world and want to apply energy toward these aims, with you, and to ignore the dumb shit and the haters.

New Titles

A Full and Fighting Heart

Paul Simons was one of our favorite people. This memorial to Paul Z Simons begins with four remembrances, ours; a piece by his eldest daughter, Nina; one by his partner at the time of his death, Lili, and finally a political genealogy by Jason McQuinn, long-term partner and publisher with Paul, through CAL Press.

This selection of texts by Paul is nowhere near comprehensive. It includes all his major work after Black Eye including writing in Anarchy: A journal of desire armed, Modern Slavery, his writing as El Errante and his various essays critical and triumphant.

Most of the texts in this collection are also available at the URL https://theanarchistlibrary.org/category/author/paul-z-simons. We miss Paul now and always, authentic bridges are few and far, and his enthusiasm (with its obligatory opposite, deep sadness) and commitment to ideas and people and learning, are far too rare

For more information - A Full and Fighting Heart: Writings by Paul Z Simons

The Manifesto of the Happily Unemployed

A booklet by Guillaume Paoli (and a group of unnamed others), who also wrote Demotivational Training, and who has been thinking and writing about work for decades, in France, London, and Germany.

This manifesto has been around in German for years, and made a big splash among people, which got even bigger when it was falsely reported as being "a movement of 150,000 members." Paoli is charming, and charmingly modest, and this is, like Demotivational, a worthy addition to the books that challenge the primacy of work-to-survive/work-to-thrive, a challenge that only get sharper in these days of much conversation and experimentation with UBI.

For more information - The Manifesto of the Happily Unemployed

The Right to be Greedy

This book was originally written in 1974 by For Ourselves, a Bay Area post-situationist group at the time. From Bob Black's preface from the Loompanics edition...

Egoism in its narrowest sense is a tautology, not a tactic. Adolescents of all ages who triumphantly trumpet that "everyone is selfish," as if they'd made a factual discovery about the world, only show that they literally don't know what they're talking about. Practical egoism must be something more, it must tell the egoist something useful about himself and other selves which will make a difference in his life (and, as it happens, theirs). My want, needs, desires, whims – call them what you will – extend the ego, which is my-self purposively acting, out where the other selves await me. If I deal with them, as the economists say, "at arm's length," I can't get as close as I need to for so much of what I want. At any rate, no "spook," no ideology is going to get in my way. Do you have ideas, or do ideas have you?

For more information - The Right to be Greedy

Black Seed #6

One of the reasons we do what we do is to have the capacity to fund projects that we want to see happen and wouldn't be possible other wise. Black Seed is a Green Anarchist publication. This is the second issue under the new, second collective group. This issue we are attempting to argue more for the kind of anarchism we'd like to see and do less of the back-and-forth bickering that has been filling too much of anarchyland since the Internet.

Fuck the Internet even though it's the main way we find you (and you find us).

For more information - Black Seed #6 (single issue)

Black Seed #6 (bundle)

Recent LBC Titles & Distro Items


From the translator's introduction:

I made this translation for those who rebel against all that is held sacred, against every society, every collectivity, every ideology, every abstraction that various authorities, institutions, or even other individuals try to impose on them as a "higher power," for those who know how to loot from a book like this, to take from it those conceptual tools and weapons that they can use in their own defiant, laughing, mocking self-creation, to rise up above and against the impositions of the mass. In other words I did this translation for those who know how to treat a book not as a sacred text to either be followed or hermeneutically dissected, but as an armory or a toolbox from which to take whatever will aid them in creating their lives, their enjoyments

This new version of Wolfi's translation includes an index and a gorgeous cover that refutes expectations.

The Unique and Its Property

  1. Corrosive Consciousness - A blistering attack against the ideology of Anarcho-Primitivism
  2. Relations Without End - Animism
  3. In Search of the Masterless Men of Newfoundland - Is escaping civilization possible?
  4. BASTARD Chronicles 2017 - Evil. Pro or Con?
  5. /Atassa #2 - The controversy continues. To what end?
  6. Brethren of the Coast - Pirates of Somalia
  7. Last Act of the Circus Animals - Sean Swain, Travis Washington, Anarchist Animal Farm
  8. Toward an Army of Ghosts
    - The second volume by Tom Nom@d on insurgent strategy
  9. Anarchist Speculations - The writings of John Moore

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Introducing the new LBC t-shirt. Enjoy!

More information? New LBC T-Shirt

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