What's new with LBC - Winter 2018

by John Doe

Welcome to the quarterly newsletter of Little Black Cart. We distribute anarchist anti-political books, pamphlets, and newspapers. This quarter we have a few new issues of ongoing journals and a new booklet by Ron Sakolsky and Seaweed. We are setting the stage for exciting new developments in 2018 and hope to clear our palates from the unsavory tastes of 2017. Begone! we say to the obsession with wrong headedness and headlines. Huzzah! we say to a focus on an anarchist life, projects, and friends.

Little Black Cart continues on with spirit and energy toward these aims, with you, and against dumb shit.

New Titles

In Search of the Masterless Men of Newfoundland

This title is comprised of two essays on the topic of the possibly mythical, definitely legendary, Society of the Masterless Men, a group of escapees from conscription, in the mid-1700s. This small book includes a new essay by Sakolsky, a modified reprint of a piece by Seaweed (originally published in his collection Land and Freedom), and an introduction by Sakolsky. This booklet could easily be seen as another chapter in the excellent and seminal book, Gone to Croatan.

For more information - In Search of the Masterless Men of Newfoundland

The BASTARD Chronicles 2017

The fourth in the chronicles of the adventures of anarchist theory in the bay area. The theme in 2017 was evil, for reasons that will probably only suffer for being explained, but certainly are associated with the forced simplification of complicated realities; the polarization of thinking and acting; a general tendency toward even more us-versus-them attitudes than normal (which is saying a lot), and purges, witch hunts, etc. Presenters had different takes on why evil, what evil, and how evil, from an embrace of what is reviled to a questioning of revilement in general, to exploring specific practices that deserve more attention and analysis.

For more information - BASTARD Chronicles 2017

Atassa #2

Not necessarily the most controversial thing LBC has ever published, but certainly the publication that has caused the most furor so far. This journal gives a platform to non-anarchist, ex-anarchist, and a-anarchist, eco-extremist thought, not limited to, but including, some people who defend killing people. While neither of the two issues of this journal include communiques from the folks who claim to have done such killings, there is some sympathy with, and also some not-necessarily-sympathetic analysis of, the phenomenon, which apparently is extremely dangerous. So, we have all been warned.

This issue does not include any direct responses to the brouhaha in certain circles about the first issue, but there is a lot of what could be considered indirect reaction, including most significantly the heart of this issue--an indepth look at christianity: how deeply it has been instilled even in groups that consider themselves atheist, and what some of its underbelly has included historically.

Some would argue that eco-extremism is one of the few lines of thinking that takes seriously the idea that we are all complicit in our slavery, that we all have choices to make every moment of every day about how and if to resist.

For more information - /Atassa #2

Recent LBC Titles & Distro Items

  1. Brethren of the Coast - Pirates of Somalia
  2. Last Act of the Circus Animals - Sean Swain, Travis Washington, Anarchist Animal Farm
  3. Toward an Army of Ghosts - The second volume by Tom Nom@d on insurgent strategy
  4. Single Copy of Black Seed - Contemporary Green Anarchist paper
  5. An Inquiry into the Causes and Nature of the Misery of People - By Jean-Pierre Voyer
  6. The Wandering of Humanity - By Jacques Camatte
  7. Anarchist Speculations - The writings of John Moore
  8. Atassa: Readings in eco-extremism

The rest

Become an Intern

In a program that we're really happy with, LBC hosts a new intern every three months. If you are interested in becoming a close friend with LBC and being exposed to the ideas and personalities around the project and our environs, if you've been wanting time and encouragement to work on or start that awesome anarchist project you've had in mind, feel free to reach out to us at our email address for more information.

We are currently looking for an intern for the Summer and Fall of 2018. !!!

LBC Years in Review 2017

Feel free to download the 2017 LBC Review for your amusement, edification, and to learn some of what we've been thinking during the past few years.

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Most recent LBC Catalog

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