What's new with LBC - November 2018

by John Doe

Little Black Cart - November Update!

Other than the smoke this is a great time of year. California doesn't really have four full seasons but part of the year we choose to wear hoodies and part of the year we

need to wear them. Welcome Fall!

New Title

The Totality is Incomplete - by Alex Gorrion

Alex Gorrion will be familiar to anyone who has paid attention to The Anvil, which was (and still is, in a lingering fashion) primarily a journal of anarchist reviews of non-anarchist culture. Alex has done some of the most fun, exciting, interesting, and personal writing on that site, like a more accessible frere dupont. Alex is one of my favorite anarchist writers, and I wish for more writing by them, but until then, here are Alex's favorites from that site, collected for your reading pleasure, far away from the glowing screen. These articles include thoughtful and critical responses to Tiqqun texts; popular music icons like Jewel and Kanye (yes, I did just put them in the same sentence); thoughts on brilliant anarchists like Novatore and Isabelle Eberhardt (anarchist in spirit, if not in name), and so much more.

For more information - A Full and Fighting Heart: Writings by Paul Z Simons

Sad News! We will not be in Seattle

One of our favorite bookfairs has decided to not let us table this year. #sad

Here is their only communication with us about it (they haven't responded to requests for more information)

Dear LBC:
After significant discussion, the Seattle Anarchist Bookfair 2018 collective has decided that we are not open to LBC tabling at this year’s bookfair. This decision was made in light of serious, long-standing concerns raised by many individuals about a multitude of behaviors, patterns, and decisions by members of LBC that have caused substantial harm to anarchist comrades across a wide range of locations.
We thus are unable to allow LBC to table at the 2018 Seattle Anarchist Book Fair.
Thank you for your understanding.

LBC SABF Contest 2018

In light of having nowhere to go this weekend we'd like to curate a contest! Alongside our friends at Anokchan and Anarchy Planet IRC we'd like to make some memes about Behaviors, Patterns, and Decisions (see letter to LBC in last section). Use the hash tag #SABF. The winner will win a $50 gift certificate to Little Black Cart.

  1. Make a meme (make sure to tag it with SABF)
  2. Post it to http://anokchan.org (use anon/anon or create an account) or another imageboard or platform if you so desire
  3. Email us with URL!
  4. Go to https://irc.anarchyplanet.org/ to brag about your cleverness
  5. Go to this page to see the competition

BTW here is an example meme. It isn't funny (we prefer funny!) but demonstrates the idea.

The Year of Clearing 2019

A lot of things are changing in anarchyland. Ex-anarchists rose over $65,000 to start a communist magazine at the same time anarchist projects keep shrinking and disappearing. What gives?

In 2019 LBC is going to host a moderated discussion, with a new theme every month, on http://sorbet.littleblackcart.com. We intend to use this discussion to build a guide for contemporary anarchists and we intend to participate in it. We will discuss topics such as identity politics, what is the future of North American Anarchism, and of course antifa.

Become an Intern

In a program that we're really happy with, LBC hosts a new intern every three months. If you are interested in becoming a close friend with LBC and being exposed to the ideas and personalities around the project and our environs, if you've been wanting time and encouragement to work on, or start, that awesome anarchist project you've had in mind, feel free to reach out to us at our email address for more information. We are currently looking for interns for Q2 and Q3 in 2019!

Social Networking

Here is our dumb Twitter feed

Stupid Facebook

Politics is the enemy of anarchy, and it knows it.


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