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Two critiques of Tiqqun's controversial (and font-heavy) Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl.

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2013 LBC Books Review

A collection of excerpts from the best of LBC Books in 2013.

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2014 LBC Books Review
The second LBC Review, offering a selection of excerpts from titles LBC Books has produced over 2014, including Canenero , Disruptive Elements , The...
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2017 LBC Review
We have a few journal projects that we produce, some of them directly. Last year we skipped the production of this review that goes over some of our...
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3 Positions Against Prison

There are no political prisoners, only prisoners of war.

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A Brave and Beautiful Spirit: Dora Marsden
Suffragette, egoist, philosopher, Dora Marsden (1882-1960) burst the chains keeping women from education; the chains keeping women from the vote; the chains...
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A Child's Guide to Nihilism

An activity and coloring book designed to inform children and adults about the Russian nihilists of the 1860s.
It asks questions like "what kind of monster would you choose to be?" and "what path would you travel to a better world?," and ends with the triumphant image of the destruction of everything we know.

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A Couple of Unmanageable Outlaws
A single sheet of biographical information on two inspiring outlaws, Stephen Reid (of the Stopwatch Gang) and the Barefoot Burglar, the young rebel who as of the writing was still on the run, having successfully escaped from jail, evaded sheriffs, the Canadian Mounties, the FBI, stolen planes, cars and boats, etc.
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A Full and Fighting Heart
Paul Z. Simons was a character, a writer, a dedicated anarchist, a horror film lover, and a world traveler. His death in April, 2018, was a shock, and is an...
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A Project of Liberation
A collection of insurrectionary essays from unnamed individuals north of the border. Includes February, 2003, Activist Practice and Revolutionary Struggle,...
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Abolish Work
A collection of articles--ranging from the practical to the theoretical to the poetic--on doing without work. These pieces postulate scenarios of this...
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Abolishing the Borders from Below #26
This amazing magazine continues to chronicle struggles and activities from all around Eastern Europe. Romania - interviews with people from different...
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