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Brethren of the Coast
A memoir in support of Somali pirates Translated from the French, this book brings first person narratives and interviews with political and economic...
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Bulk Enemies of Society (5)
Five copies of Enemies of Society.

Bulk Freedom My Dream (5)
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But What Are You, Really?
The US continues to struggle with the concept of race, at least the thoughtful parts of it do, but there is so much baggage about it (it is wrapped into...
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Calculating the Intersections
In the 90s, in the pages of Anarchy, a journal of desire armed (commonly known as AJODA), there was a back and forth between some of the contributors to...
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Caliban and the Witch

A history of the body in the transition to capitalism.

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Selected articles from Canenero, an anarchist Italian periodical of 1994-1997

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Carnival of Chaos
Sascha Debrul, Autonomedia

On the Road with the Nomadic Festival

This collection of stories and illustrations paints the triumphs and misadventures of the Nomadic Festival at breakneck speed, and offers ideas and inspiration for the next outlaw orgy.

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Caught in the Net
This is an article from Return Fire #4, discussing from a multi-discipline perspective, the concerns about the already-overwhelming and still growing...
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Child Sexuality
New material and reprints from Anarchy: a journal of desire armed . The reprinted articles and letters from Anarchy are some of the most controversial...
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Chiron the Centaur
This essay by Benjamin de Casseres is "an imaginative fable, investigating the nature of civilization," positing an aging Chiron musing about his...
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Christianity: The Tenth Plague
From the publisher: "A thorough takedown of christianity such as Overland's might lack the immediacy it had when he first delivered it to a bewildered...
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