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Creating Anarchy

Ardent Press is pleased to announce the release of its reprint of the classic Creating Anarchy.

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Crime Thought

Theorizing CrimethInc. successes and failures

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Crimes of Perception: Individualism and Consensus Reality
Shoot an arrow through your cell phone, cancel your Netflix subscription, turn off the radio, and start creating your own reality. This collection provides...

CrimethInc. on the Individual

The Politics of the Personal and the Radical Aesthetics of Self

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Critical Self-Theory
Jason McQuinn, a venerable figure in U.S. anarchist publishing (for decades a part of Anarchy: a journal of desire armed and now behind Modern Slavery ),...
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Cured Quail volume II
Do NOT be fooled by the image of the cover, this volume from the UK is very pretty, if perhaps sporting a cover too subtle for online. This was printed in...
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Dancing & Digging
Proverbs on Freedom and Nature Lovely brevities by the author of Land & Freedom , now outed as Shaun Day-Woods, accompanied by gorgeous woodcuts...
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Dandelion Junk Queens tee shirt
Dandelion Junk Queens, Little Black Cart

On the front is a faithful representation of the cover (and colors) of their No Amps, No Masters cd. On the back (pictured) is a motto...

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Dandelion Junk Queens-No Amps, No Masters

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Dangerous Constellations 1

A new journal of fiction and poetry by, for, and about anarchists.

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Datacide Thirteen

magazine for noise and politics

heterogenous theory for the invisible insurrection of a million minds

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Debord, Ressentiment, and Revolutionary Anarchism

An in-depth look at the relationship between Debord -- one of most significant influences on second wave anarchy -- and anarchist thought.

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