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anarchistnews tee shirt #2
Our first tee shirt was for those in the know, the cognoscenti, and it remains our most subtle tee. Our new anews tee shirt rejects that effete nonsense,...

Anarchists Must Say What Only Anarchists Can Say

One of the most relevant essays from Nihilist Communism, a scathing (in an understated, British sort of way) critique of the left, knee-jerk activism, and the role of skepticism.

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This anthology collects essays and interviews on such topics as "Art on the Edge of Politics" and "Production of the Future". "Solidarity with the Context" by Janos Sugar, "XYZ of Net Activism" by Luther Blissett, "From Mini FM to Polymorphous Radio" by Tetsuo Kogawa, "Response to Tactical Media Manifesto" by Peter Lamborn Wilson, and "Autonomous Culture Factory" by Marko Vukovic. These are just some of over fifty articles included.

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Son of Joseph Labadie (of the famed Labadie Collection in Ann Arbor), Laurence Labadie out-distanced his father as a thinker and a polemicist, Laurence...
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Anarchy #62
various, Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed
Anarchy magazine taking positions on jargon ("Penetrating Leftist Code"), integration ("Ethnic Politics as Integration"), exploring a cross section of...
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Anarchy 101

Now available! A post-left friendly, green friendly, insurrecto friendly, conflict friendly introduction to anarchy!

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Anarchy and Leftism: a marriage made in mental illness
What is leftism to anarchy but deceitful priest-craft in a new mask and cloak? Leftism is the gospel of submissiveness and blank uniformity and...
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Anarchy by Malatesta

Errico Malatesta told his biographer in 1920 that he considered this book to be the best thing he'd ever written.

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Anarchy is a Good Word
Two Essays by Eliphalet Kimball Eliphalet Kimball is not one of the names that one generally associates with the early history of anarchism in the U.S....
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Anarchy Works
This book takes examples from around the world, picking through history and anthropology, showing that people have, in different ways and at different...
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Anarchy: a journal of desire armed #59

"life and times of Anarchy Magazine, part 1" by Jason McQuinn, feminism and anarchism by Dot Matrix, review of Debord's Panegyric by Aragorn!, etc.

This is the first issue produced by the crew in the California bay area. It reflects their inexperience with layout and design, as well as their enthusiasm and fresh blood.

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Anarchy: a journal of desire armed #63

the "spawn of anthropology" issue, articles by Brian Morris, Bob Black, Wolfi Landstreicher

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