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Assault on the Impossible
The second Autonomedia book to focus on the Provo period in the Netherlands, this title widens the field from Kempton's Provo:Amsterdam's Anarchist Revolt...

At Daggers Drawn
This is a classic of Italian insurrectionary anarchy, written and known well before insurrection was a gleam in the eye of americans. On the one hand there...
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At Daggers Drawn with the Existent
Enemy Combatant does their version of this well-known and -loved classic of insurrectionary anarchy. On the one hand there is the existent, with its...
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Atassa 1: readings in eco-extremism
For many readers the first question they may ask upon picking up Atassa is "Where is the anarchy in this?" This is not the anarchism of an evolutionary (or...
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Atassa 2
Not necessarily the most controversial thing LBC has ever published, but certainly the publication that has caused the most furor so far. This journal gives...
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The Journal of the Nihilist position. Writings by some anonymous people, a critique of Bonanno by an Italian peer (at least in one sense), a critique of criticism, and various other thoughtful pieces by some of the people who also brought you Hello.

Small but powerful.

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Auroras of the Zapatistas

This issue of Midnight Notes does some of the work of defining the elements of the new political chemistry of the planetary working class... What the Zapatista movement means for the U.S. anti-globalization movement is still an open question more than six years since the dawning.

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Autonomous Self-Organization and Anarchist Intervention

A Tension in Practice...

Autonomous self-organization would have to be the basis both of a truly free existence and of the struggle to achieve that existence. It is the very opposite of politics, and in practice either rejects it or is destroyed by it.

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Autonomously and with Conviction
a Metis Refusal of State-led Reconciliation A transcription o fa talk given on October 12, 2018, at the 13th annual Decolonizing Thanksgiving Dinner in...
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Backwoods #1
note: the reprints have smudges from the printer. be warned they are not pristine objects, but come from the hard-working hands of Eberhardt Press....
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Backwoods #2
The long-awaited second issue of this Journal, subtitled "a journal for autochthonous anarchy." The table of contents: Tending the Goddess by Tamarix (on...

Baedan 1

journal of queer nihilism

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