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Baedan 2

A queer journal of heresy

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Baedan 3
Baedan 1 made a big splash on the scene years ago: a stylish, good looking, black and silver journal subtitled "a journal of queer nihilism," bringing...
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BASTARD Chronicles 2018
The Chronicles for 2018, later this year because the conference was later, but here it is! The theme was Hyphenated Anarchisms, and included herein are...
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Be Gay Do Crime
Another adorable little booklet from Contagion Press. Among the discordant chorus of anons who penned the defining texts of the queer anarchist network...
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be realists!
Fredy Perlman was the leading theorist of green anarchy before primitivism, one of the main forces behind Fifth Estate and Black and Red Press, and a...
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Because I Wanted To...
Kaneko Fumiko, on nihilism and why she wanted to kill the Emperor of Japan Twenty eight pages, with two translations of her interrogations, a new...
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Between Predicates, War

Theses on contemporary struggle by The Institute For Experimental Freedom

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Birds of a Feather
Flights of the Anarcho-Surrealist Imagination by Ron Sakolsky From Eberhardt Press, another of their beautiful texts, in partnership with Ron Sakolsky,...

Black and Green star pin

All the way from England, here is a high-quality enameled metal pin.

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Black Bloc Papers

The Black Bloc Papers is intended for those who would like to understand the vigorous protest politics of anarchism, the tactic of the black bloc as practiced over a decade ago, and as a historical signpost reminding us of how far we've come and how far we have left to go.

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Black Eye
Black Eye was a zine out of New York, and this book offers some of the best pieces from this fiesty, piss-and-vinegar, punk-inspired series. Pieces on...
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Black Fez Manifesto etc

The Bey, controversial figure, poet, sur-rationalist, author of underground sensation TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zone), offers up poetry and rants...

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