Expect Anything, Fear Nothing

Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen, Jakob Jakobsen, Autonomedia
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Included here are conversations, essays, rants, and histories, as well as short biographies of the contributors, Situationist and pro-Situ, most of whom remain active and cranky to this day. After the engaging introduction (which runs through the contents of the book and states the premise that Debord has inappropriately--and unsituationally--become the Situationist hero of history), the book starts with "Situation", which sets the context for the creation of the book in the massive street fighting that happened in Denmark, catalyzed by the destruction of Youth House.

“For too long now books about the Situationist International have been blighted by a persistent blind spot. Although often mentioned and just as summarily dismissed, the Scandinavian Situationists have been left to moulder away in unexplored territory for far too long. Now, with the publication of Expect Anything Fear Nothing, the full story of the Scandinavian Situationists can finally be told. And with this, the first full account of the fascinating characters involved and the presentation of new research into their significant contribution to art and contestation, that particular blind spot is about to become nothing more than a peculiarity of the past."

Simon Ford, author of The Situationist International: A User's Guide

“Join the partisans against oblivion. The North will rise again. Read about knots, and what's not, fashionable nonsense and ostracized acumen, smelly herrings and Camembert. Not just in culinary terms, the Germanic and the French tribes battle it out: farmers, self-deluders, underground heroes, ladies. Freedom is not for sale, but this book is. With pictures too."

Esther Leslie, Professor of Political Aesthetics, Birkbeck, University of London

“The Situationist project was always much bigger than Paris. This book returns Jacqueline De Jong's Situationist Times and the Scandinavian wing of the movement to their rightful place in the story. It is full of resources for the ongoing challenge of contesting everything, everywhere."

McKenzie Wark, author of The Beach Beneath the Street

“An indispensible work of historical retrieval. In this homage without hagiography, the landscape of the situationist project is forever changed - and enlarged. Bolt Rasmussen and Jakobsen have produced a myth-busting corrective to Francocentric orthodoxy; above all, they bring the artists back in from the cold. Expect Anything Fear Nothing is a brilliant blend of archival sleuthing, visual ethnography, fascinating memoir from unbowed survivors, and lucid analysis with an eye to unfinished revolutionary business."

Iain Boal, Retort, co-author of Afflicted Powers: Capital and Spectacle in a New Age of War

This is a beautiful book, a joint publication by Autonomedia and Nebula (a Scandinavian publisher), with matte color inserts throughout, so while it was published as a free pdf (available here http://nebulabooks.dk/ExpectAnything.pdf) making it more accessible, that does mean that people might miss out on the lovely tactile experience of reading it.

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Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen, Jakob Jakobsen
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