Hack This Zine #6

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Cryptology for the Militant Activist
San Francisco Community TV ColoProject
Crabgrass:Social Networking for the Rest of Us!
Full Disk Encryption Attacks
Hacking Freight Trains part 2
All Your FaceBook are Belong to Us!
If these titles pique your fancy, then you should check out this sporadically produced, but always zingy little zine, combining (at its best) information on how to access useful information on the products that--and people who--increasingly dominate our lives.

Table of Contents

[0:0] Intro

[1:0] Political Articles: Views and Opinionated Articles

[1:1] On the Necessity of Direct Action (by Nomenumbra)

[1:2] Hacking Freight Trains Part 2 (by Haifleisch)

[1:3] Berkeley Tree Sit (by Frenzy)

[1:4] SF Community Colo Project (by ryan)

[1:5] Callout for electronic action at the DNC & RNC (by hackbloc)

[1:6] 39 Lashes a poem (by Ardeo)

[1:7] RNC Comms Analysis (by CGB)

[2:0] Hacking/Technology: Articles for Digital Resistance

[2:1] Cryptographic Education for the Militant Activist Part 1 (by Nomenumbra)

[2:2] Crabgrass: A Social Network for the Rest of Us (by Flatline)

[2:3] The PE File format and its Darkside Part 2 (by Nomenumbra)

[2:4] Full Disk Encryption Attacks (by hackbloc)

[2:5] All Your Face(book) Are Belong To Us (by Flatline)

[2:6] Communications Systems and Technology (by Impact)

[2:7] Anonymity with Wireless Networking (by Impact)