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A global mix of voices from the new "underground": engaged artists intervening in local struggles on the streets, media producers promoting technologies based on sharing and cooperation rather than privatization and competition, activists participating in global networks built through electronic democracies and decentralized forms of cooperation, and extraordinary people creating an alternative society through their everyday practices. This anthology collects essays and interviews on such topics as "Art on the Edge of Politics" and "Production of the Future". "Solidarity with the Context" by Janos Sugar, "XYZ of Net Activism" by Luther Blissett, "From Mini FM to Polymorphous Radio" by Tetsuo Kogawa, "Response to Tactical Media Manifesto" by Peter Lamborn Wilson, and "Autonomous Culture Factory" by Marko Vukovic. These are just some of over 50 articles included.

Table of Contents

Joanne Richardson “Preface: Introduction to a Subsol Reader"

Art on the Edge of Politics

Association Apsolutno, “Semiotics of Confusion"

Luchezar Boyadjiev, interviewed by Geert Lovink, “How to Turn Your Liability into an Asset"

Alexander Brener & Barbara Schurz, “Anti-Technologies of Resistance"

CUKT, interviewed by Joasia Krysa, “Techno-Transgressions"

Miklos Erhardt & Duna Maver, “The Structure of Avoidance"

Irwin & Eda Cufer, interviewed by Joanne Richardson, “NSK 2000"

Oleg Kireev, “Art and Politics in Moscow: A Politically Ambiguous City"

Institute of Constructions & Deconstructions, “Self-Interviews"

Space Hijackers, “Anarchitecture"

Janos Sugar, “Solidarity with the Context"

Tactical Media, interviewed by Jaka Zeleznikar, “Now You're in My Computer"

Autonome a.f.r.i.k.a., “What is Communication Guerrilla?"

Luther Blissett, “XYZ of Net Activism"

Ricardo Dominguez, interviewed by Coco Fusco, “Electronic Disturbance"

David Garcia & Geert Lovink, “The ABC of Tactical Media"

David Garcia, “Islam & Tactical Media"

Nathan Martin, Carbon Defense League, “Parasites and Other Forms of Tactical Augmentation"

Joanne Richardson, “The Language of Tactical Media"

RTMark, interviewed by Sylvie Myerson & Vidyut Jain, “The Art of Confusion"

Sfear von Clauswitz, “A Reaction to Tactical Media"

McKenzie Wark, “On the Tactic of Tactics"

Peter Lamborn Wilson, “Response to Tactical Media Manifesto"

Sovereign Media

Kestutis Andrasiunas, interviewed by Joanne Richardson, “Institutio Media"

Candida TV, “Reality-Fiction: Visions of Realities"

Heidi Grundmann, “But Is It Radio?"

Institute For Transacoustic Research, “Transacoustic Research"

Eric Kluitenberg, “Media Without as Audience"

Tetsuo Kogawa, “From Mini FM to Polymorphous Radio"

Geert Lovink & Joanne Richardson, “Notes on Sovereign Media"

Simon Pope & Matt Fuller, “This Computer Has a Multiple Personality Disorder"

Howard Slater, “Post Media Operators: Sovereign and Vague"

Vakuum TV, “Recombinant Television"

Autonomous Media Culture

Alex Adriaansens & Nat Muller, V2_Organisation, “V_2: Institute for Unstable Media"

Inke Arns, interviewed by Joanne Richardson, “Mikro"

Zeljiko Blace, Marcell Mars & Tomi Medak, [mi2]: Interviewed by Joanne Richardson

Brett Bloom, Cesare Piertoiusti & Greg Sholette, “The Folds of an Institution"

Kristine Briede, K@2, interviewed by Joanne Richardson, “Under the Surface"

Alexei Isaev, MediaArtLab: “Dossier of a Virtual Community"

Piotr Krajewski, interviewed by Joanne Richardson, “WRO Center"

Kristian Lukic, interviewed by Joanne Richardson, “"

Mia Makela & Vanni Brusadin, “Small is Beautiful"

Sarai Collective, “Sarai: The New Media Initiative"

Krassi Terziev, interviewed by Joanne Richardson, “InterSpace"

Marko Vukovic, “Autonomous Culture Factory"

Production of the Future

Franco Berardi Bifo, interview by Matt Fuller & snafu, “Cognitariat & Semiokapital"

Manuel De Landa, “Self-Organizing Markets"

Alexander R. Galloway, “Possibility"

Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, “Cooking-Pot Markets"

Michael Linton & Ernie Yacub, “Open Money"

Sebastian Luetgert, “Introduction to a True History of the Internet"

Stefan Merten, interviewed by Joanne Richardson, “Free Software & GPL Society"

Kenta Ohji, “The New Associationist Movement"

Patrice Riemens, “Some Thoughts on the Idea of 'Hacker Culture'"

Felix Stalder & Jesse Hirsh, “Open Source Intelligence"

McKenzie Wark, “A Hacker Manifesto [version 4.0]"

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