Conversations with Durito

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In 1994, from the Lacandon jungle, Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos replied to a ten-year-old girl in Mexico City who had sent him a drawing. In his response, Marcos conjured up a fable introducing the beetle and knight-errant “Don Durito de la Lacandon."

Conversations with Durito includes all the Durito stories issued to date, translated, annotated, and contextualized by the Áccion Zapatista Editorial Collective, and illustrated by simpático artists.

Poetic, humorous, and imaginative, these fables provide an excellent introduction to the politics of globalization from the radical perspective of indigenous struggle.

Table of Contents


Translation and Editing Notes


Historical Overview

Stories For A Suffocating Night

The Story of Durito and Neoliberalism

Durito II: Neoliberalism Seen From La Lacandona

The Cave of Desire

Durito Names Marcos His Squire

Durito III: The Story of Neoliberalism and the Labor Movement

Durito's May Day Postcard

On Bullfighting, Detente and Rock

Durito IV: Neoliberalism and the Party-State System

Durito V: Durito in Mexico City

Durito's Return

Durito VI: Neoliberalism: Chaotic Theory of Economic Chaos

Durito, Chibo the Killer Tarantula and the Plebiscite

The Story of the Little Mouse and the Little Cat

Of Trees, Transgressors and Odontology

The Story of the Hot Foot and the Cold Foot

On Love

The Story of Dreams

The Story of the Bay Horse

Durito to Conquer Europe

To Lady Civil Society

The Riddle

Durito on Cartoonists

Durito IX: Neolibaralism, History as a Tale . . . Badly Told

Durito on Liberty

Durito's Comment on Hunger

Big Sharks and Little Fishes

Presentation in Seven Voices Seven: Politics and “Bolsas" (Theirs and Ours)

Stories For A Sleepless Solitude

Love and the Calender

The Story of the Magical Chocolate Bunnies

The Seashell and the Two People

Forever None

The Hour of the Little Ones, Part I: The Return of . . .

The Hour of the Little Ones, Part II: Those From Below

Stories Of Vigilance By Candlelight

The Hour of the Little Ones, Part III: The Undocumented Others

The Hour of the Little Ones, Part IV: The Other . . .

The Hour of the Little Ones, Part X: The Student Others

The Story of the Air and of the Night

Off the Record: La Realidad

The Other Player

The Story of the Little Dented Car

The Hand That Dreams When It Writes

Chairs of Power and Butterflies of Rebellion

Apples and the Zapatistas