Poland 1980-1982

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In 1980, communism in Poland was in crisis, and change was in the air. People's resistance peaked in various ways, including swelling the ranks of the union, Solidarity. Henri Simon captures the drama, hopes, and disappointments of workers' rebellions in Polish industrial cities, with a recurring theme of politicians' skill at manipulation.

Table of Contents

  1. Toward a Discussion of Classes under Capitalism in its Eastern Zone of Domination
  2. In Poland the Class Struggle Never Ended
  3. A New World: From Meat Prices to Direct DemocracyJuly 1980: Spontaneous Strikes Run Rampant EverywhereWorking Class Consciousness is ArousedAugust 15-31: Two Crucial Weeks. Gdansk: The Institutionalization of the Rank-and-File MovementSeptember 1980: Two Bureaucracies Against the Rank-and-File Autumn 1980 and Winter 1980-81: Working Class Guerrillas. The Rank-and-File Against the Gdansk Accords.The Countryside in Motion: Agitation of Another Class, the PeasantryJaruzelski: Another Attempt at ReformThe Counter-Threat of BydgoszczA Critical Date for Normalization: March 30, 1981. Political and Union Leaders versus the Rank-and-FileThe Rank-and-File Movement, An Obstacle to Solidarity's IntegrationA Race Between Two Bureaucracies“In the Name of Law and Order" (Jaruzelski's Declaration of December 13, 1981)The Polish Chaos in Contrary to the Interests of the Two Dominant Imperialisms: West and East Agree to Destroy a Dangerous Revolutionary FermentA New Turning Point in the Polish Workers' Class StruggleA Tactical War
  4. A Class United to Change the World
  5. The Independent Union: A New Prop for the Capitalist Class
  6. Classes and Capital in Poland: A Capitalist Class in Transition
  1. National and International Capital