Fifth Estate #390 Fall 2013

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Cell phones, David Rovics, mutual aid and anarchist disaster responses,
grand jury resister Jerry Koch,
urban shut downs,
an anarchist in Palestine,
a different anarchist in North Korea,
language and the trivialization of gender-based violence,
surveillance of an ex spokesman for ELF,
an explanation of need/demand to move Marie Mason out of high-sec Carswell fed prison into min security near her family and friends,
"Numb and Number", the latest from John Zerzan, psych oppression,
the history and relevance of MAD magazine in the 50s,
Kelly Pflug-Back on “madness, rebellion, and community gardens", a review of Icarus Project founder Sasha Debrul's new book Maps to the Other Side,
Peter Werbe's reminder that Mutual Assured Destruction (M.A.D.) is still having repercussions,
the madness of revolt,
Penelope Rosemont on surrealism and madness, a piece on making anarchist films with mutual aid... and a lively and critical letter section.