Black Fez Manifesto etc

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The Bey, controversial figure, poet, sur-rationalist, author of underground sensation TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zone), offers up poetry and rants...

a sample:

your house is actually a UFO

& someday when the command comes

it will lurch aloft still making

that humming noise & float

& fly faster & higher till it

leaves the atmosphere. Let's hope

you're not at home when it

happens. Better be stranded

& lose yr possessions than

raptured upwards and choked

on all that empty waste.

Table of Contents

Black Fez Manifesto

Tombeau Arcimboldo


Another Piece in the Shape of a Pear


Semiautomatic Text

Non-Juring Sonnet

“and come to think of it the Dead"

Lu Ch'ih Ting Translation

The Seven Temples of the Planetary Deities

“Like a puff"

“Dr. Ralston preached the healthful way"

Dirt Sonnet

“Tobacco the most commonly used of all"


“Dr Silence the Edwardian revenant"

Lu Ch'ih Ting Translation

“Your house is actually a UFO"

Carol for Saturnalia

A Lunar Garden of Legal Phantastica

“I was pouring over a manuscript of Tocharian B"

Neo-Gollist Sonnet #_

To Shelley: An InstaSonnet


Deep Salvage

“On good Saint Monday quote"

“All the higher animals use drugs"

Adventures UnLtd.

Sphinx Manifesto

Creepy Sensation

Tirseome Sonnets, or, Lassitudinarianism

“Open Letter plea to fanciers"



“Dogs bark – geese honk – yr basic Dutch moment"




The Aromal Sledgehammer

Shoe Dream

“O makebelieve Ireland"

“Our Demi-Messiah Fourier informs us"

“Idreally I'd like to be"


“Lucky I'm not one of those low-life novelists"

“Every animal is a gesture"
“No ontology without pharmacology"

“Earth needs more parking lots"

“Behind the loading dock"

Commentary on “Imprisoned with the Pharaohs"


Dog of the Sun

“A fine day for abduction"

“One virulently violent violet moonlit night"

“Winter as Bakunin's Beard"

A Floral Fantasia

“Geomancy places tombs"

A Weeping Thaw


“Winter's harem feminizes us"

Cold Cage Paste


Montgolfier at the County Fair

Mad Sweeny

Dr. Brink (1754-1843)


“Everyone in the country"

Financial Disclosures

“To be blunt, I prefer to steal"


Failure as the Last Possible Outside

Financial Sonnet


An Old Moor's Almanack for Maniacs

Notes on a Phrase of Marx

Baron Munchausen

Artaud Tombeau

Time Off for No Particular Behavior

Shadow Unmanifesto

CROM: Select Communiques of the Cro-Magnon Liberation Front

Cro-Magnon Communique #2

Fiery Flying Roll #9

CROM Communique #10

CROM Communique #22

CROM Communique #28