Hack This Zine #8

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The Fall 2009 issue of this hacker's delight sports information on theory (the significance of wikileaks, the potential of hacking and electronically fracking stuff up, and "a brief introduction to security analysis with ruby") and applications (pieces on Iptables Network Auditing, and other things that I don't understand enough to describe properly).

An on-going project in exploring the system's weak points, Hack This Zine is worth some thoughtful attention.

Table of Contents

News and Events


Behind Schedule


Leak Everything... Leak It Now

Power of Hacktivism

Ronin: A (Brief) Intro

IPTables: Network Auditing with Evoltech

Hot Piping Coffee Enema

Technology and Anarchism



Protect Web Folders

R.F.I. Rooting Tutorial

GLF Binwriting Protocol

Digesting Shellcode Like a Mollusk

Letters to the Editor

Credits and Shout-Out