On An(archy) and Schizoanalysis

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For people who are interested in pursuing one of the ways that anarchists are different from marxists (to put it overly briefly - an analysis of human existence that includes more than the economic and material), here is a book for you.

Using the insights of Anti-Oedipus, Deleuze and Guattari's classic work on capitalism and schizophrenia, Perez argues for "anti-fascist strategies in everyday life" in this guide to personal liberation, an effort to show us how to recognize the many faces of fascism in everyday life, and to live as a human being independent of the morality of exclusive binary oppositions, foundations, and institutions."

Perez is one of the few anarchist writers who takes postmodernism seriously, and he is right to find support in Deleuze and Guattari. Their decentered, schizoid brand of analysis can be extremely helpful to Perez's vision of "free,uncoded individuals,'' yet this overdue rapprochement with postmodern thought is only haltingly done and needs further treatment. I hope he devotes his next book to this subject.

(from a review in Anarchy: a journal of desire armed)

Table of Contents

First Plateau

1 Nietzsche, An(archy), and Anti-psychiatry

Second Plateau

2 Au Revoir M. le Texte, or, the Body and the An(archy)

Third Plateau

3 Toward a Non-Fascist or An(archial) Way of Life

Fourth Plateau

4 Molecular Revolution, Art, and An(archy)

Fifth Plateau

5 The Fascistic Structure of Reactive Desire, and its Relation to the Domination of Women