New Lines of Alliance, New Spaces of Liberty

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Prefiguring his collaboration with Michael Hardt, Negri and Guattari enact a singular hybridization of political and philosophical traditions, bringing together psychiatry, political analysis, semiotics, aesthetics, and philosophy. Against the workings of an increasingly integrated world capitalism, they raise the banners of singularity, autonomy, and freedom to search out new routes for subversion.

Originally published in 1990, this newly expanded edition includes previously untranslated materials and a new introduction by Matteo Mandarini.

From the text: As it has always been in the history of capital, this renovation of the forms of command by Integrated World Capitalism goes hand in hand with a redefinition of the ways surplus value is extracted (computerization of the work process, spread of social control through mass media, subjective integration by governmental apparatuses, etc...).

New Lines of Alliance New Spaces of Liberty

Table of Contents

Introduction: Organising Communism

Matteo Mandarini

1. Communists Like Us

2. The Revolution Began in 1968

I. Socialized Production

II. Beyond Politics

III. The New Subjectivities

3. The Reaction of the 1970s: No Future

I. Integrated World Capitalism

II. North/South: Terror and Hunger

III. The Right in Power

4. The Revolution Continues

I. Recomposition of the Movement

II. The Terrorist Interlude

5. The New Alliance

I. Molecular Method of Aggregation

II. Machines on Struggle

III. Today, New Lines of Alliance

6. Think and Live in Another Way

Postscript, 1990

Antonio Negri

Appendix One: The New Spaces of Freedom

Felix Guattari

Appendix Two: Archeological letter. October 1984

Antonio Negri