Having Little, Being Much

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A Chronicle of Fredy Perlman's Fifty Years

A poignant and touching biography of noted writer, theorist, and publisher Fredy Perlman by Lorraine, his life partner, co-producer, and co-author.
Whether you're already a fan of Perlman (either one or both), and want the inside scoop on some of the titles produced by this couple (particularly Letters of Insurgence), or just someone who appreciates an inspirational life story (Fredy packed a ton of experience into his tragically brief life, including continent-spanning travel, participation in Paris in May '68, and starting Fifth Estate, the oldest running anarchist publication in the u.s.), this biography is a delight.

Table of Contents

Introductory Note

The Family

Reluctant Emigres

Fredy Leaves Home

The Unattached Intellectual in New York

A “Definitive" Departure from the U.S.

Three Years in Yugoslavia

A Short Career in Academia


Exposing the Rackets

Detroit's Jovial Dissident Community

Letters of Insurgents



“Who's Zarelli?"

The Project of Writing an Epic of the World-Changers' Epoch

The Unattached Intellectual in Detroit

The Strait



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