Hack This Zine #7

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Ever had the day dream of what could happen if a bunch of computer-savvy rebels got together and got serious? The more that this society gets centralized and computerized, the more useful it is to know things like how to actually encrypt electronic messages, how to keep people from accessing information you don't want them to have, and the limits of the hardware that you might find yourself using.

Hack This Zine is a voice for electronics users who want to get the most out of their equipment.

This issue has "Hacking your GPS," "Alternative PHP Include Attacks," "Hiding from the man:Apache obfuscation," "Sucking Signal", and more - and in a section called Philotics (using a word coined in a science fiction novel called Ender's Game), the articles "Tech vs Industry" and "Copwatch 2.0".

Table of Contents



News in Brief


Hacking Your GPS

Alternative PHP Include Attacks

Hiding from the man: Apache Obfuscation

Sucking Signal

Hardware Hacking


Tech vs Industry

Copwatch 2.0