Anarchy: a journal of desire armed 64

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This issue (#64) has as its theme that most pernicious of all enemies, Capitalism -- in particular the relationship that anarchists have with capitalism; rhetorically opposed but practically ambivalent. Lawrence Jarach discusses the historical reality, and unreality, of petit-bourgeois anarchists in "Proudhon's Ghost: Petit-bourgeois anarchism, anarchist business, and the politics of effectiveness". Andy Robinson interrogates bricolage within capitalism in 'Thinking from the Outside: Avoiding Recuperation". Finally, Aragorn! reflects on anarchists reactionary attitudes about Capitalism in "To Dance with the Devil".

Reviewers in this issues include Bob Black who, in his inimitable style, targets the AK Press 2007 Catalog. Lawrence Jarach reviews Terrorism: An Introduction and The CNT in the Spanish Revolution Vol. 2, new reviewer A. Burkin reviews Horizontalism by Marina Sitrin, Australopithecus afarensis reviews species being and other stories by frere dupont.

Media reviews include 325, A Murder of Crows, Anarchist Studies, ASR, EF!, Fervent Whispers, FE, Freedom, MRR, NY RAT, NEA, OysterCatcher, Rolling Thunder, and Warrior.