You Cannot Kill Us, We Are Already Dead: Algeria's Ongoing Popular Uprising

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This pamphlet collects a number of essays coming mostly from an insurrectionary analysis regarding the events in Algeria during the early 2000s. Includes introduction by Firestarter Press, essay by Wolfi Landstreicher, comraderly greetings and empathy from Italian Insurrectionaries, list of international solidarity, a chronology of events leading up to and during the insurrection. "You can feel from her rough and ready handshake that she is used to handling stones. She has been handling and throwing them for a whole year now. Her voice, too, has a rough edge as she leans into the car with a guffaw: "hey, this is a lot from the security forces." Just a joke, maybe, but a reminder to us journalists in the car that she is ready for anything. Her name is Tassadit. Everyone in Kabylia has heard of Tassadit from Azazga. She has made a place and a name for herself among the lads in the street battles fought against the gendarmes in Azazga. As often as not, she has led them. This cheery, plump-cheeked teenager is a figure of the Kabyle Black Spring of April 2001 and plainly proud of having held the street against gun-toting grown-up security forces..."