Datacide Thirteen

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Straight outta Europe, smart tech and music talk.

Features: “Confessions of an Accidental Activist"; “Spiral Tribe Interview with Mark Harrison by Neil Transpontine"; “'Revolt of the Ravers' – The Movement Against the Criminal Justice Act"; “What is this Future?"; “Wikipedia-A Vernacular Encyclopedia".

Fiction: “Shared Vertigo"; “Crystal Distortion"; “Cut-Up Marx"; “EARTH 'A RUN RED".

Print Reviews: “Identity, Commodity and Authority: Two New Books on Adorno and Horkheimer"; “Life During Wartime: Resisting Counterinsurgency"; “One Night in Stammheim"; “White Power Music". Music: “Emencified Shrill Out-Nomex at the Controls"; “Vinyl Meltdown, Prt. 1″.

News: Infiltration and Agent Provocateurs, Vision Tech, Endless War, Surveillance, Control and Repression; NSU Update; UK Antifa update; Implosion of the Socialist Workers Party.

PLUS: Record Reviews, Charts, Comics and Illustrations, as well as the lives and times of Bloor Schleppy.

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