Modern Slavery #1

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Coming to you from the people who brought you Anarchy: a journal of desire armed (Jason McQuinn is one of the original Anarchy editors), here is a journal of long-form articles, by the likes of Paul Simons, Jason himself, Ron Sakolsky, Wolfi Landstreicher, Karen Goaman, and Bob Black, among others.

This issue brings you Sakolsky's piece on mutual aid, Landstreicher's "thoughts on being an anarchist at the beginning of the 21st century", a serialization of Goaman's book (from Autonomedia) on the significance of the Sits to anarchists, reprints from Voltairine de Cleyre and Emile Armand, reviews of Stirner's "Dialectical Egoism", Nihilist Communism, and Twilight of the Machines, among many others.

200 pages of anarchist thinking, past and present.