Fifth Estate #384 spring 2011

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A special issue in tribute, including a piece by Ron Sakolsky, of long term editor Don LaCoss, who died while producing the issue.

Also includes updates on Marie Mason's case (Mason worked with Fifth Estate for years before being imprisoned on charges related to the Green Scare).

There is a piece on the Haymarket martyrs, by Timothy Messer-Kruse, arguing that the state targeted if not the right individuals, then the correct group, since the anarchists were in fact attempting to stage an overthrow of the state—raising the question of anarchists being outraged by state repression against us, when we are, in fact, total opponents of the state.

Other articles :“Masturbation as DIY Sex," “Making Anarchist Multimedia," “A Q&A about DIY with Kathleen Hanna," “Trumbleplex" and “New World from Below" (both about anarchists in Detroit), “Return to Self-Reliance: Emerson and the empowerment of self,"and music and book reviews.