Spectacular Capitalism

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Guy Debord & the Practice of Radical Philosophy

"Drawing on the work of Guy Debord, Gilman-Opalsky argues that the theory of practice and practice of theory are superseded by upheavals that do the work of philosophy. One could ask: Who better raises questions about public and private spheres of influence and control, Jürgen Habermas or the water war activists who made a rebellion in Cochabamba, Bolivia in the spring of 2000? Or, has any sociological theorist done better than the Zapatistas to reframe and raise questions about indigenous identity? Spectacular Capitalism makes the case not only for a new philosophy of praxis, but for praxis itself as the delivery mechanism for philosophy – for the field of human action, of contestation and conflict, to raise directly the most irresistible questions about the truth and morality of the existing state of affairs."

- From the back cover

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments and Dedication

Introduction: A Priori

Chapter 1: Selectively Forgetting Baudrillard

    1. A Critique in Broad Strokes
    2. On Simulacra: Truth and Reality
    3. A Farewell to History
    4. Rescuing Praxis from the Wreckage

Chapter 2: Reconsidering Situationist Praxis

    1. Spectacle and Depoliticization
    2. Revolutionary Alternatives to Revolution
    3. Reconsidering Situationist Praxis

Chapter 3: Socialism and Radical Philosophy

    1. Socialist Spectacle and Philosophy
    2. Capitalist Spectacle, Situationist Perspective
    3. Which Way Forward? A General Direction

Chapter 4: Theses on Debord