The Most Dangerous Idea

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Continuing the reprint of most of the Elephant Editions titles for a U.S. audience, some collected pieces by Bonanno.

Includes "From Riot to Insurrection", "Anarchism and the Insurrectional Project", "Revolution, Violence, Anti-authoritarianism: a few notes", and "Why a Vanguard".

Table of Contents

From Riot to Insurrection

Introduction by Jean Weir

For an analysis of a period of change

Anarchism and the Insurrectional Project

Preface by Jean Weir


Recent Developments in Capitalism

New Capitalist Order

Anarchists and History

Revolution, Violence, Anti-authoritarianism

A few notes


The Revolutionary Struggle

Violence And Nonviolence

Autonomous Base Nuclei

Looking Forward to Self Management

What are Anarchists

Why a Vanguard?

Introduction by Bonanno

Why a Vanguard?