Anarchy: a journal of desire armed 65

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Anti-imperialism as an ideology, the best translation of Call for a u.s. audience, and Barry Pateman on anti-Franco activism after the Spanish Civil War, are the three main essays in this issue of Anarchy.
Reviewed books are A Problem of Memory (Taylor Sparrow, reviewed by Dot Matrix), Anarchy and Art (Allan Antliff, reviewed by Clayton James), Come Dungeons Dark (on Guy Aldred, by John Taylor Caldwell, reviewed by A. Burkin), endgame (Derek Jensen, reviewed by Aragorn!), How Nonviolence Protects the State (Peter Gelderloos, reviewed by Dot Matrix), Revolutionary Letters (Diane DiPrima, reviewed by Ron Sakolsky), and Riding the Wind (Peter Marshall, reviewed by Aragorn!).
And of course, columns by Wolfi Landstreicher, Liana Doctrines, Joe Peacott, many letters and responses to letters, and reviews of zines -- from War on the Coast (by Zigzag) to A Steampunk's Guide to the Apocalypse (by Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness).