Disruptive Elements

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A dense compendium of old and brand-new translations of a dizzying array of names from the individualist anarchist tendency, mostly from early 20th Century France. New translations from Wolfi Landstreicher, Shawn Wilbur, and vincent stone. Anyone who is interested in this tendency, fans of My Own, Enemies of Society, Stirner's works, etc., will find much to enjoy and fodder for future research in this book.

Table of Contents

Translator's Introduction – Vincent Stone

Bonjour – Le Voyeur

The Philosophy of Defiance – Felix P.

Section 1. Ernest Coeurderoy (1825-1862)

Hurrah!!! or Revolution by the Cossacks (excerpts)

Citizen of the World

Hurrah!!! or Revolution by the Cossacks (excerpt)

Section 2. Joseph Dejacque (1821-1864)

The Revolutionary Question

Le Libertaire


The Servile War

Section 3. Zo d'Axa (1864-1930)

Zo d'Axa, Pamphleteer and Libertarian Journalist – Charles Jacquier

Any Opportunity

On the Street

Section 4. Georges Darien (1862-1921)

Le Voleur (excerpts)

Enemy of the People

Bon Mots

The Road to Individualism

Section 5. Octave Mirbeau (1848-1917)


Murder Foul and Murder Fair

Voters Strike!

Moribund Society and Anarchy

Octave Mirbeau Obituary

Section 6. Emile Pouget (1869-1931)

Boss Assassin

In the Meantime, Let's Castrate Those Frocks!

Revolutionary Bread

Section 7. Albert Libertad (1875-1908)

Albert Libertad – anonymous

The Patriotic Herd

The Greater of Two Thieves

To Our Friends Who Stop


To the Resigned

Albert Libertad – M.N.

Section 8. Illegalism

The “Illegalists" - Doug Imrie

An Anarchist on Devil's Island – Paul Albert

Expropriation and the Right to Live – Clement Duval

Obituary: Clement Duval – Jules Scarceriaux

Why I Became a Burglar – Marius Jacob

The Paris Auto-Bandits (The “Bonnot Gang") - anonymous

“Why I Took Part in a Burglary, Why I Committed Murder" - Raymond Callemin

Is the Anarchist Illegalist Our Comrade? - E. Armand


Section 9. Stirner's Influence in France

Stirner versus Proudhon – Maxime Leroy

The Theory of the Individual in Chinese Philosophy: Yang-Chou – Alexandra David-Neel

Le Stirnerisme – Emile Armand

Section 10. Emile Armand (1872-1963)

E. Armand as I Knew Him – Mauricius

A Picture of the Situation

The Workers, The Unions, and the Anarchists

Section 11. Pierre Chardon (1892-1920)

Pierre Chardon – Emile Armand

Intellectuals Such as They Are

The Democratic Illusion

Expansive Individualism

“Our" Subjectivism


Two Attitudes

Letters to Armand

Pierre Chardon – M.P.

Section 12. Critique of Collectivism

Individualism and the Social Question – Andre Lorulot

Reflections on Individualism – Manuel Devaldes

“A La Bastille!..." An Individualist Looks at the French Revolution – E. Bertan

The Absurdity of Politics – Paraf-Javal

Men Disgust Me – Andre Lorulot

Section 13. Free Sexuality and Naturism

The Naturists – Dominique Petit

A Polemic – Pierre Chardon

The Utopians and the Sexual Question – Emile Armand and Hugo Treni

Intro to the Real de Sade – Emile Armand the Real de Sade

Proudhon's Repressed Sexuality – Daniel Guerin

Section 14. Tout Voila