Women of Plogoff

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In the 1970s and 80s France built a nuclear power infrastructure that would come to supply 80% of its electricity needs. During the years of planning and construction, people in France gradually became aware of the dangers and impacts of nuclear energy, and some fought development projects related to it.

The Women of Plogoff is the story of a direct action campaign waged in France against the building of a nuclear power plant in the town of Plogoff and the area of Point du Raz in Brittany in 1980. It is told mostly by way of interviews immediately after the six weeks of occupation by the French State (riot police and gendarmerie) when passions were still running high.

From the spreading of garbage and manure, to placing fake (though not exactly inert!) bombs, to holding rock-throwing Masses and building barricades... the people of this quiet town show their ability to get quite nasty.

- from the translator's introduction

Table of Contents

Translator's Introduction

Translator's Acknowledgments



They Came In The Night

An Anti-Nuclear Struggle

The Occupation

Women You Need

A Quiet Life

Lessons From The Occupation



Appendix I

Appendix II

Appendix III

A Temporary Conclusion

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