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Renzo Novatore is the pen-name of Abele Rizieri Ferrari who was born in Arcola, Italy (a village of La Spezia) on May 12, 1890 to a poor peasant family. Unwilling to adapt to scholastic discipline, he only attended a few months of the first grade of grammar school and then left school forever. Though his father forced him to work on the farm, his strong will and thirst for knowledge led him to become a self-taught poet and philosopher. Exploring these matters outside the limits imposed by the educational system, as a youth he read Stirner, Nietzsche, Wilde, Ibsen, Baudelaire, Schopenauer, and many others with a critical mind. Renzo died on November 22 (1922), at the hands of the cops. We are very excited to present this collection of all of the known writings of Renzo Novatore, newly translated by Wolfi Landstreicher. It contains the fiery polemics, poetry, and willful play that readers of "Toward the Creative Nothing" are already familiar with. For those new to the writings of Renzo prepare for an emotional cavalcade of egoism, nihilism, and hatred for democratic mediocrity. To life!

Table of Contents


Biographical Note


Thoughts and Sayings

Cry of Rebellion

Intellectual Vagabonds

Toward the Conquest of New Dawns

Wild Flowers

Toward the Creative Nothing

Twilight Ballad



Anarchist Individualism in the Social Revolution

The Great(?) Brains... in the Time that Turns


The Expropriator

Toward the Hurricane


A Life

The Anarchist Temperament in the Maelstrom of History

In the Circle of Life

Black Roses

Spiritual Perversity

De Profundis and Germinal!

My Iconic Individualism

I Am Also a Nihilist

My Maxims



In the Realm of Phantoms

The Revolt of the Unique

A Portrayal of Sorts

Introduction to the 1st Issue of Vertice

The Dream of My Adolescence

Beyond the Two Anarchies

The Mysterious


Black Flags

Of Individualism and Rebellion

A “Female"

With Sincere Pity

Noontime Songs



In Defense of Heroic and Expropriating Anarchism


Eternity's Song

Friendship and Friends

Renzo Novatore by Enzo Martucci

Renzo Novatore by Renzo Ferrari