The Broken Teapot

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How long it took for me to discover that healthy love is only possible when we take responsibility for our own emotions--expropriate them from these networks of codependency, as it were. And in fact I can be most grateful to the lovers who treated me like shit, for teaching me this.


We love in order to destroy ourselves, and build ourselves back up again, a heartbroken friend tells me in a moment of hope.


But if what we are setting up not a courthouse but a commune, a conspiracy among friends, the embodiment of our dreams, we have to permit ourselves to talk about things that could never be said in a society in which "everything you say will be used against you."

A pamphlet on the weaknesses of most current anarchist scenes when it comes to how to deal with how broken we all are in relationships. Based in personal experience, tackles complicated and difficult issues.

It is always useful to have more options on how to talk about these topics that so frequently are the reason (or sometimes the excuse) for social circles breaking apart. This pamphlet, like Thoughts on Community Responses to Intimate Violence, is part of the arsenal we need.