The BASTARD Chronicles 2014: social war

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These readings are mostly writings from the presenters, from Jason McQuinn to Tom Nomad, William Gillis to Aragorn! The significant exception is the piece on the presentation with CrimethInc and Institute for Experimental Freedom, for which there is a conversation based on the presentation. Given the conflicting, at times mutually exclusive, ideas about what social war is, this conference allowed people to explore those contradictions and alliances. The BASTARD conference first happened in 2000, and has happened every year since then. It was born from the Tuesday anarchist study group, which has been meeting for longer than that (nearly 20 years) every week from 8-10pm. The study group came out of a free school anarchist history course, which then morphed into what it is today (the teacher of the class was part of the group for more than a decade, and it was a challenge when he left, but we continue). BASTARD stands for Berkeley Anarchist Students of Theory And Research & Development and it’s the name of the conference, not the name of the study group. The semi-joking hostility of the name does describe more-or-less accurately one of the main attitudes of the study group (which could also be described as an unwillingness to suffer fools), one that regular attendees either bring with them or learn to appreciate the group for. The study group has been a major influence on many people, definitely many long-timers, but also some who have passed through briefly, and as well for many who have chosen it as an enemy.

Table of Contents

Foreword/Ariel and Leona

An Outline: Critical Self-Theory and the Non-ideological Critique of Ideology/Jason McQuinn

Insurrectionary Angelology - or – Walter Benjamin Declares Social War/Lew

What Was the Insurrection?(CrimethInc and the Institute for Experimental Freedom)/Casper and Graeme

Power, Foucault, Dugger. and Social War/Xander

Social War: Anarchist Archeology/Paul Simon

On the Concept of Social War: a uniquely ironic concept/Tom Nomad

Outside of Social War/Aragorn! and William Gillis