The Poverty of Feminism

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This is a controversial text, starting from the title, and continuing through to the end. Among some aggravating weaknesses, including either not-excellent writng or not-the-best translation (or both), a lack of precision about what "rape" is exactly (people use the word so many different ways), and a lumping together of different kinds of feminists and of feminisms, there are gems that could really take the fight against the status quo in new and more bracing directions. At its best, this essay challenges the current model of society in the way that the Sits did, by attacking the benefits that people, men and women, are supposed to derive from the power dynamics at play, by pointing out how everyone is miserable in the current regime, not just the celebrated "victims".

We see in The Poverty of Feminism how feminism, in spite of its emancipatory and radical airs, remains in the area of capitalist society and even becomes guardian of traditional female alienation. Against trials for rape we oppose a critique of emotional, social and sexual poverty, both male and female. Feminism is a manifestation of daily banality. It is not enough to define it as an incomplete revolt, soliciting it to become total by abandoning the purely women's point of view — following the same logic that opposes generalised self-management to the errors of self-management. What needs to be shown up is its content and the inversions that it involves in terms of real solutions. --from the preface