2013 LBC Books Review

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Here are excerpts from LBC's 2013, tied together by insights and back story by Aragorn!, our front man.

Anarchists have had to make do with the fact that even as we succeed we rarely get credit for it, while we always get the blame for our failures and lack of success. As a publisher in this family of ideas we measure our own success partly by our own continued interest in our broad project, and on whether these ideas merit discussion and further research.

If the goal was to produce engaged, interesting, anarchist material than it's conservative to say that we have succeeded. If our goal was to shape the minds of a new generation of antiauthoritarians then our project hasn't succeeded. This is the work we have ahead of us.

Its Core is the Negation, Alejandro de Acosta, Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed:
A Critique of Critique, anonymous, Attentat, #1:
XIV, Institute of Experimental Freedom, Between Predicates, War:
My Life in the Gulag, Ron Sakolsky, Creating Anarchy:
Deserting Empire, Deserting Humanism, Alden Wood, The Cultural Logic of Insurrection:
Noam on the Nod, Bob Black, Defacing the Currency:
Why Do Something Rather than Nothing?, Guillaume Paoli, Demotivational Training:
Conscious Domination, Unconscious Ideology: Knowledge as Power, Enrico Manicardi, Free from Civilization:
Influencing Machines, Intuition Pumps, Paranoia & The Poisonous Cobra of Surrealism, Penelope Rosemont, Fifth Estate (#390):
Polyamory and Power, Andrew Williams Smith née Sunfrog Bonobo:
A Response on Polyamory, David Watson, Fifth Estate (#389):
Excerpts, Sherif Xenoph Ibn El, I Want to be a Suicide Bomber:
Forbidden Defense Speech, Ravachol, Illegalist Trial Statements:
Beyond Property Destruction, Tom Nomad, The Master's Tools: