Uncivilized: the best of Green Anarchy

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A collection of some of the best that Green Anarchy had to offer (not including when animals attack--look for that later!), in thematic sections that echo the humor, the aesthetic, and the sensibility of the magazine that for years was the most consequential voice in the northwest.

Civilization, Technology, the Left, Resistance, and Decolonization are some of the themes, with articles by John Zerzan, Ted Kaczynski, Aragorn!, Dan Todd, Jesus Sepulveda, Ron Sakolsky, Wolfi Landstreicher, Fire, and interviews with Ward Churchill and the remarkable Godfrey Reggiou.

Table of Contents


Welcome to (the best of) Green Anarchy

I Suppose It was Worth a Shot



So Vast the Prison

What is Green Anarchy GA Collective

Operation Civilization I & II Sauri Igni

Rising of Barbarians Wolfi Landstreicher

Locating an Indigenous Anarchy Aragorn!


A Dark and Hungry God Arises

Science: Civilzation's Ally Ran Priur

Sermon on the Cybermount Rev Black Ahole

Towards Something New Terra Selvaggia

Tech & Class Struggle Wolfi Landstreicher

Godfrey Reggio Interview

The Left

Anti-Left Anarchy

The Nature of the Left

Leftism 101 Lawrence Jarach

Liberation, Not Organization A. Morefus

Ten Blows Against Politics Il Pugnale

The Left-Handed Path of Repression Crocus Behemoth

Not My Vision of Liberation Leaf S. Alone

Beyond Utopian Visions A. Morefus

China's War on Nature The Uncarved Block

Barbarism & Authoritarianism Jesus Sepulveda

Ongoing Death March

As the World Burns

Zero War: Total Liberation Dave Antagonism

To Produce or Not To Produce Kevin Tucker

Limits of Illusion, Limits of Exhaustion Dan Todd

A Surrounding for Us to Live Within A Friend of Ludd

Thoughts on Predator: An Interview with Ward Churchill

Infantile Paralysis Sky Hiatt

Why I Hate the City Sal Insieme


The Age of Obedience is Over

Hit Where it Hurts Ted Kaczynski

In the Meantime Primal Rage

Does Not Compute Austin Train

The Enemy is Quite Visible Terra Selvaggia

Electric Funeral Havoc Mass

Lights Camera Action Grievous Amalgam

Revolt of the Savages Kevin Tucker

Contributing to Momentum Against Civilization I & II Felonious Skunk

Nihilism and Strategy Aragorn!

Thinking through the Fall Ran Priur

When I walk through the Valley Ann I. Solation

Youth Liberation

Play Fiercely! Wolfi Landstreicher



A Call for Escape Routes

We are All Indigenous Homer Bust

Strangers Touching the Void Sky Hiatt

Why Misery Loves Company Ron Sakolsky

I am Not a Machine Mia X. Kursions

Intuition as a Crucial Part of Rewilding Ardilla

A Question of Spirit Faith Stealer

Seeds on the Breeze Scavenger

We are Not Separate A.R. Son

Stones Can Speak Jesus Sepulveda

Reclaiming the Myth-Time Scavenger

About Getting Free from the Myth of Revolution Pablo A

Max & I (I)Anok Ta Chai

Dust in the Wind Mysteria

The Error of Connection

Flights Of Fancy

Dreams with Sharp Teeth

Earth's Lament Everyday Revolution

The Dream L'argonauta

Diary of a Female Stone-Age Hunter Gatherer Army of the 12 Monkeys

When the Zombies Take Over, How Long Until the Electricity Fails?

Reclus Fire


Silence John Zerzan